Building a Life

Life is difficult. On every step it takes your test and until you score, you can’t move ahead. If you don’t have love, confidence, honesty and trust you can’t win it. You will remain stuck in the same phase, if you don’t posses these basic values. These are what makes us a human. Being accompanied… Continue reading Building a Life

Neuralink: Hacking the Brain and Era of New Medical Sciences

Year 2020 has just progressed 65% so far and we have witnessed so many strange, heart-breaking, unprecedented things in just matter of months. But such uncertain times always mould humans to come out strong and with greater will. Among all of these bad news, there are still some stories which hit the right chords. One… Continue reading Neuralink: Hacking the Brain and Era of New Medical Sciences

India and World: History, Geography, Economy and Politics – Part 1

If we look back at history, India has come a long way to stand firmly in this selfish world. Every other major country goes after its own self interests but not us. Our deep rooted history tells us that, we have always been a sensible, emotional and dignified region on earth; the fact that India… Continue reading India and World: History, Geography, Economy and Politics – Part 1

Dump Free Basics, Support Net Neutrality

  Last year, when TRAI published some rubbish papers on differential pricing and all. We Indians opposed it by sending huge number of responses and ran an amazing #savetheinternet campaign. Resulting Flipkart to sign off the and Airtel to trash ‘Airtel Zero’. But what happened this year? Facebook picked same idea to let its users email to… Continue reading Dump Free Basics, Support Net Neutrality

कविता – केवढे हे क्रौर्य!

  कवी न. वा. टिळक यांनी लिहिलेली, एक अतिशय सुंदर कविता. पूर्वीच्या पाठ्यपुस्तकात होती. गप्पांच्या ओघात अचानक आली आणि मायाजालावर थोडेसे धुंडाळल्यानंतर गवसली. या कवितेतून कवीने एका पक्षिणीची व्यथा,  माणसाचा क्रूरपणा आणि आईचे महात्म्य अशा विविध विषयांची अगदी सहज गुंफण केली आहे. ही कविता पृथ्वी वृत्तात लिहिलेली आहे. ( चाल: बालक-पालक चित्रपटात घेतलेल्या मोरोपंतांच्या ‘सुसंगती सदा घडो‘… Continue reading कविता – केवढे हे क्रौर्य!

DDLJ: 1000 weeks of romance

Yesterday, on 12 December 2014, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, one of the greatest love story of bollywood, celebrated whooping 1000 weeks of uninterrupted shows in Maratha Mandir, a theater located in heart of bollywood, Mumbai. It released on 19, October 1995 in India and soon enough reached the top of the film industry. Crowd went… Continue reading DDLJ: 1000 weeks of romance

WordPress rewrite rules

Well, few weeks back, I was working on this particular WordPress project. It was previously developed by third party vendor and later it came to us for further maintenance and enhancements. I got to say, I didn’t like the way project was developed by those people. We got no requirement specifications and zero knowledge transfers. I would say,… Continue reading WordPress rewrite rules

Bull is waking up..

Year 2008 brought crucial time for many people around the globe. Exactly 7 years after, when people witnessed World Trade Center’s biggest crisis in history of America, Lehman Brother’s, the fourth largest bank of US, announced $3.9 billion loss on 10 September 2008, and filed for bankruptcy protection 5 days later. Which is considered as the largest bankruptcy… Continue reading Bull is waking up..


Today, Narendra Modi, pulled a historic win over a highly unpopular ruling party. Today, he is India’s most talked politician. 282, of course, pulling such a clean and sure shot number was not that easy. It took many years of efforts to prove himself as strong leader and a wise foreseer. #NaMo: The  Iron Man Actually, in last Loksabha… Continue reading MODIfication