Today, Narendra Modi, pulled a historic win over a highly unpopular ruling party. Today, he is India’s most talked politician. 282, of course, pulling such a clean and sure shot number was not that easy. It took many years of efforts to prove himself as strong leader and a wise foreseer.

#NaMo: The  Iron Man


Actually, in last Loksabha elections, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) would have won, if they had right and trustworthy candidate. But, due to lack of right leader, BJP lost and Congress won again to let the country suffer.

Meanwhile, in the far-west corner of India, Narendra Modi has risen like diamond among all coal-stones by accomplishing commitments which he made to people of Gujrat. When he became Chief Minister of Gujrat for the Fourth consecutive time, he captured attention of whole country, so BJP oldies felt him as the only hope to stay float.

Many senior BJPians were not happy, as until then BJP was considered to be Bramhin led and RSS (Rashtriy Swayansewak Sangh) supported party. They were not ready to accept Modi like person as Prime Ministerial candidate, but they had no other option, as party was already on the stage of dying and it’s future was so uncertain. So, with lots of discussions and ‘sacrifices’ BJP’s core commity proposed his candidature for the most powerful position of world’s biggest democratic country.

His not only talking but also thinking style is so awesome that almost every Indian got attracted by his magic. Talking corporate, his attitude, personality and representational skills has really blown my mind.

Though he is 63 year old, but his dashing and development foresight made him the Youth icon of young India. According to his own manifesto, he has plans to build skills among young Indians, letting youth participate in future India development activities. In Gujrat, since 2009, he is running a CM fellow-ship programme where youth can participate to contribute in social activities and future development. This programme received such a great response that few young minds working abroad left their big packages and joined CM’s hands in activities.

#Super Powers, NaMo and his mind blowing tactics

After 2002 riots, Modi was besieged by every other political party, Human Rights Commission and you can count on. There were some countries which abnegated Gujrat government. As a reaction to this abnegation US, UK, Germany and some other European superpowers banned Narendra Modi in their own ways.

In 2005 US banned his visa  and disallowed him to put foot on US soil. UK made no direct contact policy to abnegate Modi. Other European countries stood against him in trade markets.

When US banned him, he said, “One day will come when US will stand in line to get Indian visa”. To bring down US, he knew exactly what to do. He silently started to increase personal contacts with People’s Republic of China. At the eve of 2011, he went on five day visit to China for one of his project Vibrant Gujrat. As usual, US was closely watching all these things. After NaMo was declared as Prime Ministerial candidate, US started reciprocating efforts to get Modi in favour. As a part of this, they sent US Ambassador in India, Nancy Powell to discuss issues with Modi and turnaround his favour back, and later she was called home, everyone knows why.

For UK, NaMo played different move. What he did to check and mate one times world ruler, is pretty interesting story. There is UK based firm, British gas group in Gujrat which owned Gujarat Gas Company Ltd. (GGCL), India’s biggest private sector gas distribution company. In 2011 Gujrat government lodged two complaints against GGCL about hiking gas prices to industries but Competition Commission rejected both. Later, in December 2011, BG was about to dissolve its shares from GGCL to invest that money in other domains. Now here is a twists, Modi smelled out importance of this chance and he purchased GGCL, officially led by Gujrat government’s Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC).

Before that, he intentionally asked other private companies to stay away from the bidding and then GSPC bought 65.12% of the stakes of GGCL at the rate of Rs. 295 per share. Deal was signed off for around 2500 crores. Whereas, BG was expecting price of around 4500 crores but due to no more private bidders, the deal was successfully brought down to 2500 crores, likely to be half of the expected price. 😉

As a result of this, Great Britain invested in Gujrat during Vibrant Gujrat campaign and today US president has called him to visit White House on A-1 visa. 🙂

#Modification: Change we need

Yes we need change, in all aspects, political, economical, procedural, educational etc. 2014 elections will remain very special in many ways. Very first I would say is, in these elections India voted for one person only and not for the party. By casting their votes, people have put their faith in this one man. I hope, our dearest Prime Minister will fulfil the commitments he made to us in the nearest future. Soon, Modi will form a new government and there will be many such faces which are not eligible to do so. But, PM should be strict enough to control them in order to achieve even growth and stability in India.

India has great history than any other country on earth, I think India should have great present also to have a great future, so that no other person should ever think about talking against us. This was always the legacy of India right from the Lord Krishna, Rama, great King Shivaji Maharaj to the freedom fighters and now there is a bright ray of hope that it will continue in more stronger and prominent way. Let the world see real power of India again m/m/.

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